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The Story of the Client Centered Financial Team 

At Client Centered Financial we like to think of our team as your financial foundation, that reliable source that you can call or email and either speak with a real person or get a prompt response. The idea is for you to return to your day-to-day life, secure that we will be there for your next question. We have made it our company mission to help you Prepare, Live Now, and Live Well. 

Daniel J. Streeter purchased the company in 2013 and having a vested history, he kept the name. Client Centered Financial was founded by the late Jim Hedbor and his wife Eloise. Dan was asked to join them in 2008 at their office in South Burlington, Vermont. He maintained a book of business, growing and servicing his own clientele.

He often partnered with Jim to design and develop financial plans. The two worked well together with similar styles of cultivating trusting relationships with an emphasis on understanding a client’s financial goals and lifestyle. Battling cancer, Jim developed a succession plan. When he passed, Dan took over the business with the help of Debra Plumley, Strategic Assistant and Eloise Hedbor, Paraplanner.

Financial Planning had become his passion. He found genuine satisfaction in getting to know and help clients with their future goals and seeing visible results. His background as a CPA and Financial Analyst, and the process of understanding his clients’ values and needs helped him design solid individually tailored financial plans. He designed and implemented plans for individuals, couples, families, retirees, and businesses for all different ages and financial situations.

With an ever-expanding range of services, it became apparent that doing what you love and doing it well would require added support. He worked to assemble a team of professionals with unique talents and similar values, a team that would help him deliver and ensure premium service.

In 2015 Tyler Wood, a Registered Representative joined the CCF team. After careful thought and a lot of discussion the tagline - Prepare, Live Now, Live Well - was developed to reflect the new direction and ideals of Client Centered Financial. A team was born and its growth continued with Jake Savio coming on board in 2018. Joining our team in 2019 were two additional team members, Amanda Hackett and Beth O’Keefe.

We were fortunate enough to get a team photo in early March of 2020 before we were all asked to shelter in place in our homes. The pandemic continues to be a test, but technology has helped us to adapt and find new ways to provide service. One thing that has not changed: we are here to educate, be a resource, and answer your questions and we will continue to do that.